we put our money where our mouth is

Every client we work with receives a dashboard that details every aspect of their campaign. The dashboards show real-time data because we believe in full transparency.


Interact with our Demo Dash Below:


dashboard tips and tricks:

These dashboards are as dynamic as can be. Each page (1-4) showcases different metrics. Each tab (Revenue, AOV, Orders, etc.) is click-able and shows a graph. Customizable data ranges are available from a drop-down date selector, and a custom date slider lets our clients get even more granular.

Please take a few minutes to explore the following dashboard features:

  • Click through each page/each tab

  • Play around with date ranges to see the data change

  • Click on differently colored bars in the graph to “drill down” into information for that specific month/year/channel

  • Check out the tool on the 4th page that compares metrics period over period

  • Hold command/control to select multiple to select multiple months/years/channels

Each and every click provides further insight - go click-crazy.