B2B Lead Generation

For a high-cost conference


We developed a marketing strategy for the client specifically focused on lead generation for a week-long, high-cost executive program held in Silicon Valley. The intensive, technology-focused program was intended for senior leaders in business, government, and nonprofit sectors.

Our multi-channel marketing campaign raised awareness about the program and brought new leads into the pipeline for the sales team to engage with. We reduced the channel mix over time to allocate the most budget to the top-performing channels. Optimizing by channel resulted in a reduction of lead cost and an increase in lead quality.


Lead Numbers vs. cost


A global education and technology organization


Business decision-makers at large companies of 5,000+ employees


Obtain leads at <$100 each


Ran a multi-channel campaign, allocating budget to top performing placements in real time



Total Leads


Actual cost per lead


Client testimony

“Strategy Labs has been an amazing partner for us. They helped us define our paid advertising strategy for the enterprise market and then they have launched, managed and fine-tuned it for us brilliantly.”