Niche Brands are Our Niche

We love running campaigns for ecommerce brands that have a very specific niche and audience. The story of 08Left is especially fun because of the response we were able to get from the audience in terms of traffic and sales. Let’s take a deep dive into how we were able to drive 5x ROI in the first couple months of the campaign for this client.

The Client

08Left sells products for travel geeks and aviation enthusiasts alike. Their bread and butter are prints of airport codes and runway schematics that make great conversation pieces and a fun display of places you’ve been. Not only do they offer your standard prints, all artwork can be ordered in metal, mini metal, and even apparel. Better yet, if there’s an airport that 08Left has yet to design, you can have custom prints and apparel made just for you. Aviation folks love it for the technical aspect, and travel enthusiasts love collecting airports they’ve been to during their adventures.

The Goal

The goal for our campaign was to grow the audience size through brand awareness and then increase online sales. The brand itself has been public for some time, but never really got the traction the team was looking for. Through a discovery session, in which we sought to understand their target audiences, business model, and overall objectives, we were able to align on a campaign goal of 3x ROI on media spend. This target left enough room for a sizable profit for our client after all expenses.

The Strategy

Our campaigns happen in three core steps. First we meet with the client and develop an overall strategy. For this particular client, we talked about building up an audience that’s new to the brand in general, then offering product once they are more familiar with the brand. (This is called a marketing funnel. Customers who have never heard of the brand are in the top of funnel, and they are delivered messaging that is purely educational. As they become familiar with the brand, they move through the funnel to the retargeting section where they are presented with the option of buying product. At the very bottom of the funnel we have past purchasers, and they are shown messaging that relates to new products and promotional content so they come back to buy again from the brand.) Once we all agree on how best to move customers through the funnel, we build out the campaign and launch. After a campaign goes live, we go through several optimization processes to make sure the ads are performing as well as they possibly can.

The Results

Right out of the gate, our digital media increased the audience size and customer base for 08Left... and as we expected, online sales started to increase as well. During the first 60 days of our campaign, Strategy Labs generated more sales than in the previous 8 months combined! And in the months following, 08Left’s monthly revenue quintupled!

These are some exciting metrics to share. By partnering with us, 08Left was able to grow onlines sales by 5X. Over the course of our campaign, we refined our strategy to deliver ads to the niche audience that generated the highest return. We tested, we learned, and ultimately we succeeded in introducing new product to the marketplace and growing a brand.