We're not talking about your Instagram story

I was once told,

“Life is just a collection of stories. In our day and age, people often tell themselves the wrong stories about who they are and how the world works. A good storyteller will help others interpret their stories, find truth, and ultimately create better stories.”

Here at Strategy Labs, we love stories. We love telling them, and we love listening to other people’s stories. Storytelling is the basis of every relationship we form with new clients and it’s really the foundation of how we run our business.

Each new project we take on starts with the exchange of stories. We tell the story of our agency’s formation, our methodology, and our values. We discuss our capabilities and present our scientific mindset. We listen to clients talk about their business goals, their objectives, and their hopes for their future as a company. They tell us what they’d like to see in our partnership.

Then we read the story that the clients’ historical data tells us; we analyze trends, diving deep into the nuances of consumer information, and we explore our strategic marketing options.

What story do we want to tell in our ads? What kind of story matters to the consumer? That’s what we test – we try out different variations of the same story in ads to see which versions provide the clearest truth and resonate the most with consumers.

Throughout the entirety of our relationships with clients, we’re always trying to be the best storytellers we can be. We extract concrete truths from enormous amounts of data, and we make it digestible and easy to understand. We build custom dashboards for each client, so they can read the story of their company’s success in real-time.

We work hard to create the best stories possible for our clients because we believe in truth, accuracy, and the fact that everyone should know the story of who they are.

We’re creating success stories. So, tell us your story and we’ll tell you ours. See what success could look like for you.