How To Make 9x ROI Selling Dog Crates

The Client

Impact Dog Crates produces high-grade aluminum dog crates and accessories designed for show dogs, military, police, airline travelers and homeowners who need a crate that can stand up to high-impact usage. Impact’s crates rival any other crate on the market and are designed to last a lifetime. While Impact’s crates are like none other in the marketplace, they are more expensive and less known than the competition.


The first challenge Impact faces is effectively communicating the quality and features of their crates to help consumers understand why their crates are better and therefore more expensive. A second challenge is Impact’s dependency on dealers and wholesalers such as Amazon for product sales. While the dealer and wholesale business provide substantial revenue year after year, it comes at a high cost to the business. The third challenge Impact faces is little brand awareness in the marketplace.

This is where we come in. Strategy Labs was hired to develop a digital marketing plan to sell Impact’s products through the brand’s retail site at a better margin than the wholesale business to improve profitability. As an agency, we were up to the challenge because we employ data-driven marketers, who take a scientific approach to developing digital marketing strategies, that are customized to the client’s needs and measured against real goals and dependencies.


Our approach in launching Impact’s digital marketing plan followed a four-phase process:

  1. Understand goals

  2. Analyze existing data

  3. Develop Strategy

  4. Launch

Once the campaigns were launched we then moved into our optimization phase:

  1. Analyze data in real-time

  2. Optimize for desired objectives

  3. Transparent reporting (clients have access to real-time data dashboards and are the owners of all media accounts)

  4. Continual experimentation – secret sauce stuff!


The results for Impact Dog Crates have been amazing. At the end of the first four months of engagement Impact’s digital marketing channels were outproducing in terms of channel revenue. This was a huge win for Impact because their retail site became their cheapest channel. Not only was their retail site outproducing in terms of revenue, it was at a much cheaper cost. As a result, the company’s profit margins improved drastically. In addition to successfully remixing Impact’s business, Strategy Labs was able to help drive month over month growth in website traffic and revenue at an ROI of 9X. By the end of year one, Impact’s retail site had grown from generating tens of thousands of dollars in sales to becoming a multimillion-dollar channel.

It’s stories like these that are the reason why we are in the business of helping retailers thrive!